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A Letter from the Founder

Fifi Queen

Thank you for visiting the Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® franchising website. Our Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® franchise offers an excellent opportunity to be part of the exciting consignment market, an industry that provides a diverse array of quality merchandise at an economic price for customers while allowing a lucrative and creative outlet for store owners. With both time and money at such a premium for so many people, the notion of a consignment store that offers high-end fashion brands and caters to females of all ages from ‘tweens” to mature sophisticates is catching on quickly.  You can be a part of this exciting shopping concept as a Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® franchisee. We have prepared this website for you to learn more about me and this opportunity. If the idea of becoming the owner of a Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® franchise is appealing to you, why don’t you fill out the Preliminary Information Sheet enclosed and return it to me?  If it appears as though we would be a good ‘fit” together, we will call to schedule a meeting. Thank you for your interest in our Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® franchise and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Should you have any questions regarding this franchise opportunity, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Sincerely, Fifi (Queen) and Greg Abdian Founders.

Nothing could be finer than a Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel®

With a chain of 13 Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® stores already enjoying great success throughout Florida, the opportunity for expansion is now. Match today’s economy with a desire on the part of many people to ‘go green” and there’s no question that the time is right for consignment store shopping to take off stronger than ever. Just think about it. There are multitudes of women who have closets full of better brand and high-end clothing that has been barely worn or likely not even worn at all.  Regardless of economic stature, it’s a pretty good guess that if given the opportunity to re-sell these valuable goods instead of watching them gather dust, most women would take that opportunity in a heart beat. And the Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® concept doesn’t narrow itself to clothing alone. In true high-end consignment fashion, Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® franchises also stock jewelry, accessories, shoes and even furniture. The Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® experience is a unique one-stop excursion for consignors and shoppers alike – a truly ‘cooperative” approach to selling and shopping. Based on the success of the first dozen Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® stores, we encourage future Fifi’s shops to serve all ages.  From the young ‘tween” to the older teen-age market, to the mature sophisticated shopper and everyone in between, the Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® concept is a win-win-win – for consignors, customers…and for franchisees like you who recognize the ever-widening shopping niche this opportunity fills. As a Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® franchisee you can provide a fun and rewarding place to shop for discriminating customers who want high-end boutique shopping at affordable prices.

The Ideal Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® Franchisee

Have you always thought about owning and operating a business of your own? Have you ever purchased from or sold to a consignment shop and wondered how you could become a part of this exciting concept?  Are you someone with a network of friends who have packed closets of high-end clothing that they no longer wear? Do you recognize the need in your local community for a shop that sells women’s clothing and accessories at ultra affordable prices? Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® franchisee prospects may include an energetic individual looking for a career transition or a team of two seeking to combine their experiences and talents with the right business opportunity. There are a number of people who could be ideal franchisees. We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated individuals who like clothing, understand the concept of consignment and are looking to become part of an expanding, exciting marketplace. Our ideal Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® franchisee is someone who:

  • Loves clothing and accessories
  • Has good time management skills
  • Has some merchandising experience
  • Is hard-working
  • Is outgoing
  • Enjoys a service-oriented profession
  • Is an aspiring entrepreneur
  • Has good communications skills
  • Has some marketing experience
  • Has a positive and flexible outlook
  • Is creative
  • Has a co-operative spirit

Franchising and how it Works

One question potential franchisees sometimes ask is, “Why should I buy a franchise?  Why can’t I just go out and start my own business?” Certainly, some people do enter the business world in that manner. So, what is the real value of purchasing a franchise rather than “going it alone”? On your own, you might well experience a large “learning curve.” What are the right types of publications to advertise in? Where are design trends heading?  What home décor items are most in demand?  What type of insurance should I carry? Without the professional training, business experience, or connections it takes to succeed, it is difficult to get off the ground. Many small business owners begin by hiring outside individuals with experience just for advice. Let’s face it. Opening your own business independently takes time and money. That isn’t to say that franchising doesn’t require time and money, also. However, as a franchisee, you enjoy a number of advantages that a stand-alone, independent start-up does not. You begin with the accumulated experience, know-how, business practices and operating plan that come with a franchise. As a franchisee, you enjoy name-brand recognition and a network of support provides an immediate and distinct competitive edge over the independent, stand-alone business.  You can avoid that costly trial-and-error period that causes so many problems for start-up businesses.  As a franchisee, you’ll “hit the ground running.” The Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® opportunity gives you the ready-made framework within which to build a successful business. Each year, more than $800 billion in goods and services are sold through franchises in the United States. There are over 550,000 individual franchise outlets nationally, and each working day, a new franchise opens every five minutes. And here’s another compelling reason to consider the Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® franchise opportunity. Retail is the second largest industry in the United States both in number of establishments and employees.  Single store businesses account for more than 95% of all U.S. retailers with gross margin typically running between 31 and 33 % of sales … and that number is constantly growing. You could be a part of this growth story — by becoming a Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® franchisee. Call today for additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prior business experience is helpful in running a Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® franchise. However, we will train individuals who are self-starters and possess the ability to learn skills necessary to manage the business.  The Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® opportunity requires hard work, without question, but the rewards are many.

Our understanding of the market has enabled us to compile location criteria based upon traffic count, population centers, and consumer habits.  Presently, we are looking for franchisees in the Greensboro and Raleigh, North Carolina areas. The location of a Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® franchise store is critical and should be in a “‘high traffic” spot.  Space requirements are between 1,600 and 3,000 square feet.  Tourism destination communities are ideal for a Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® franchise. Parking must be available and ideally the location should be close to restaurants and other more established retail stores.

The royalty fee is 3% of gross revenue each month, which covers a number of specific items. The most important of those is our ongoing support of franchisees! Additionally, this royalty covers ongoing use of our Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® trademark and systems, and the goodwill of the public image created by our Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® name through a variety of means, including promotional materials.

The Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® concept has a built in flexibility and adaptability that is unique to the consignment industry.  Low overhead, multiple revenue streams from clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry and furniture, rapidly changing inventory, merchandise that is priced to sell quickly are just a few of the reasons why being a Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® franchise owner is rewarding and satisfying.  And let’s not forget about your contribution to the environment for as a Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel® franchisee you’ll help to “save the planet” by matching slightly or never used merchandise with the myriad of customers out there looking for brand names at affordable prices. Going ‘green” never looked so good!

Please take a few minutes, fill out the Preliminary Information Sheet and send it to us. We will review it and, if you meet our criteria, call you to schedule a meeting.

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