About Us

Fifi Queen was born in Waynesville, NC, a small town in the mountains west of Ashville. Fifi was the oldest of five children and she helped her divorced mother raise the family. There was no money for the finer things in life and the children were lucky if they got one new pair of shoes each year. Fifi could only dream of wearing the clothes that she saw in magazines and store windows. As Fifi grew up she never forgot about all those beautiful clothes and, not so surprisingly, found herself wanting to be in the clothing business. But, before this dream would become a reality Fifi took another path. Like her mother, Fifi was a naturally gifted musician who could play almost any song on the piano after hearing it only once. This talent led to a successful career entertaining in hotels and Resorts up and down the east coast. During this time Fifi produced two country albums. In 1984 Fifi married and settled down in Jacksonville, FL. It was in Jacksonville that Fifi decided to fulfill her fashion dreams. After moving to Amelia Island, FL in 1988 she opened her first “Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel” boutique. Selling “pretty clothes at bargain prices” the business began to grow rapidly. Fifi opened more stores in Florida and then North Carolina. Today the stores number in the teens and with the recent franchise opportunity created by the business, more openings are planned.

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Fifi Queen

Interesting facts about Fifi:

  • Fifi was selected for inclusion in Who’s Who among Young People in America.
  • She is a graduate of the Barbizon School of Modeling.
  • Fifi was once ranked 6th best female golfer in North Florida by the North Florida Golf Journal.
  • Fifi was selected for inclusion in Who’s Who in Business in America.
  • She has opened 30 businesses.
  • Fifi is a successful real estate investor buying many properties using credit cards for down payments.
  • Selected by Scene Magazine as 1 0f the 100+ influential Women of Sarasota.